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Glitter Cups

Cut the Craft braved the world of glitter, and came back with some swanky, sparkly glassware! From mason jars to mug night mugs, our members left with their very own, custom glittered, glass pieces! Some members got really creative, glittering polka dot patterns and initials while many chose to just go glitter crazy and cover the entire outside surface of their cup! 

No Sew Fleece Blankets

In collaboration with Campus Recreation, CTC showed its members just how easy it is to stay cozy on windy Oswego nights! No sewing involved! Many students came out during the blizzard to make these fancy fleece blankets for their beds! Tons of patterns were involved and a fun time was had by all!

Animal Masks

Cut the Craft volunteered at SUNY Oswego's "Family and Friends Weekend" carnival, creating animal masks with the young visitors who came to craft. Children of all ages visited our table, using a myriad of supplies to create their very own elephant personas. Along with the animal masks, our organization also assisted the balloon animal artist in creating a "zoo" of balloons!

Dying Easter Eggs

During our humble beginning, Cut the Craft had a very limited budget and organized much our projects around upcoming seasons and holidays. In our first year as an organization on campus we dyed easter eggs using several different mediums. Many members chose to dip-dye their eggs, and as always, glitter was a crowd favorite! 

Friendship Bracelets

Every year, Cut the Craft kicks off the fall semester with an informational meeting and friendship bracelets! We find that it's a great project to ease our less experienced members into the world of crafting, and everyone seems to really enjoy it too! Many of our members know a variety of patterns and weavings styles that range from simple to extremely advanced. Everyone helps to teach those who don't quite know which strand crosses over which!

Paint Chip Mosaics


Paint chips are affordable (aka free), accessible, and come in, literally, a rainbow of colors. For these reasons, many craft blogs have begun to incorporate them into projects as all sorts of materials. For this project, we cut them, making mosaics from the pieces. Many of our members used the mosaic pieces to make door tags for their dorm rooms, and one of our more adventurous crafters made Mario (c) from the chips!

Give A Sheet About Peace 2011

Every fall semester the campus comes together to promote peace by decorating white sheets and letting them fly their message in the Oswego breeze. For our first year participating, Cut the Craft drew a giant peace sign which was then split into small "pieces of peace". Each member was welcomed to draw what peace meant to them within their "piece of peace".

Upcycled T-Shirt Headbands

One of Cut the Craft's ongoing goals is to use materials for our projects which are earth conscious and recycled whenever possible. This allows our product costs, as well as our carbon footprint, to remain low! For this project we upcycled old t-shirts by cutting them into strips and braiding them. From eight t-shirts, CTC was able to make over 100 headbands and bracelets which we sold to support some of our future projects.

Valentine's Day Cards

The Bishop Commons nursing home is located right within the city of Oswego and Cut the Craft works with them often, bringing cards to its residents for many major holidays. In 2013, CTC was able to hand deliver over 70 cards made by our members; the smiles were endless as we spread some Valentine's messages of love and cheer!

String Lanterns

String Lanterns are a common DYI project that have been floating around many craft  blogs and Pinterest pages as of late. All it takes is a balloon, some modge podge, and string, and you too can have your very own, hand-made, lighting fixture! This project got a bit messy, and was definitely hands-on, but it was all worth it in the end! Popping the balloon came with great satisfaction and success the next day!

Origami with ASA

In collaboration with the Asian Student Association on campus, Cut the Craft learned how to master the intricate art of origami. With ASA's assistance, we were able to form cranes, cubes, and many other shapes from the ancient art of paper folding. 

Paint Chip Calendars

Every college student struggles to keep track of assignments, exams, and meetings, so a calendar is definitely a must! For this project, we combined the colorful power of paint chips with the wonders of glass and its ability to work effortlessly with dry erase markers to create fun, funcional, and reusable desktop calendars! 

Pumpkin Carving/Painting

One of our biggest and most popular projects yet, Cut the Craft found themselves turning away students at the door when we hosted pumpkin carving and painting this fall! Working with a local farm, Cut the Craft purchased the pumpkins and had them ready for our members to mold them into cats, gouls, and Harry Potter alike!

Give A Sheet About Peace 2012

Our sheet featured a falling leaf design for Cut the Craft's second "Give a Sheet About Peace" submission. The theme this year was that "together we can create peace".

Washer Bracelets

Materials can be found in some of the most unexpected places when it comes to crafting! For these bracelets, all of the required items came from none other than the Oswego Lowes. Simple washers are used to create the chevron bead design for these metallic and string bracelets. This craft was tricky at first, but our members quickly caught one, getting the beading rhythm down to a science! 

Upcycled T-Shirt Tote Bags​

After the success of our t-shirt headbands and bracelets, Cut the Craft wondered what other projects could be made using the shirts we no longer wore from our drawers. With recycling as a popular topic we figured upcycled tote bags for groceries and more would be perfect! For this project, we collaborated with the Student for Global Change, and  featured two types of bags, one with a draw-string bottom, perfect for holding plastic bags or fruits, and the more stylish fringed-bottom option.


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